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Sexy Funky Secrets

Sexy Funky Secrets


He steps out onto the stage, tuning his guitar, as his congregation eagerly awaits. Tonight, he will once again unleash his Gospel of Sexy, an amalgamation of funk, punk, and rock. Within less time than it takes to shout “hallelujah”, the crowd has whipped themselves into a sweat soaked frenzy, as Mama’s Dirty Li’l Secret explodes into song.

Hailing from the second most celebrated borough in New York (that’s Brooklyn, in case you didn’t know), The Deacon talks about his early days, his distinct musical style, and the definition of sexy.

Your music is obviously influenced by many bands, and genres, yet you’ve made it distinctly your own. Is this something that comes naturally to you?

Thanks for seeing it as distinct! I think the natural thing for creatives to do is to blend things they like. I've taken Punk and blended my own mix of Funk, Hard Rock, and Pop. People say we sound like if Prince were punk.

My next challenge is to mix Punk and House.

When did you decide to become a musician, and how long did it take for you to develop your style?

I became a musician in high school. I was a late bloomer; I didn't even know I had any interest in music until the 10th grade. Up until then, I wanted to be a stuntman! I also didn't realize my "style" until much later. Which is simply, Funk guitar with distortion. So, it sounds Punk, but feels Funk.

Your music has been described as “catchy”, but has anyone ever called it “addictive”? Because it totally is.

Thanks! I have heard that before. I won't say I'm tired of hearing it though.  That's the goal. You should be able to sing the song after only one listen. Actually, you should be able to pick up the melody about half way through! Or, leave a show being able to sing one of our songs.

Where does the sexy name of your band come from?

Everyone has secrets. So, the idea is that you can come to our shows, share your secret - let it out - and not be judged.

Introduce me to the members in your band?

Myself - lead vocals, guitar; David (pronounced: Da 'veed)- drums; and Oki Kintama- bass, and background vocals.

How important is sexy to you?

What Sexy really means is being your true self. You are Sexy because of your uniqueness. You are Sexy because you like that hat, because you like those shoes, because you love your skin tone, because you love your size. Prince said it best, ". . .love yourself until everyone else does too." ("Style" from Emancipation)

You do a lot of shows, does that leave you any time to record new music?

Oh, yeah. I have music I haven't even released yet: a 5-song EP called "The Dirty Truth," and a new single called "You Want Me" that I just finished recording. That's going to be the next video.

I also produce other bands, which I really enjoy. I'm always trying to create something.

To purchase music, watch videos, and experience sexy, visit Mama's Dirty Li'l Secret.


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