The Multiplicity of Vision

It's difficult to label Corrado Dalcò as simply a photographer, when he's done more during his career, than most people do in a lifetime. The Italian born London resident possesses a multi-focal vision that transcends medium, and pushes the boundaries of creative expression. His photography has graced ads for the likes of Coca-Cola, and Levis, as well as the pages of Juxtapoz, C-Heads, Rolling Stone, and so many more. To date, he has done more than a dozen music videos, and four short films. With such an extensive portfolio, one wonders when he has time for anything else.

It’s obvious from your vast body of work, that you’ve been doing this a long time. How long has it been, since you first became a photographer?

Before becoming a photographer, I spent time studying graphic design, then studied to become an illustrator, and then some cartooning. I was not sure what I wanted to do, until I picked up a camera to take pictures of friends. It was at that moment that I realized, that was my chosen method to express myself.

Later I became an assistant for several photographers. I believe that if a person wants to do this job, one can only learn from watching other people take pictures.


You’ve done so much, across a broad spectrum of media: music video, film, advertising, etcetera. Is there any one in particular, that you find more satisfying than all the others?

Yes, I have done many things because at the time the photograph was close to me. I was in a very intense phase of my research, I wanted to experience all the modes of photographic language.

For a period of time I dropped my camera production to devote myself to the movies, music videos, etc., but after a while I realized that photography was still the one that gave me the opportunity to freely express myself, without too many compromises. I still had something to say, in short.


What is “Skinny Love” about? Is it a project you’re working on (like a book, perhaps), or is it purely a personal endeavor?

Skinny Love was born as an internal project, a relationship with the people I work with or spend my time. Obviously it is born from the song by Bon Iver, who was listening to at that time, to which I was inspired. It fit like a glove, the feeling I felt at the time.

I honestly thought it was just at that time, but later on in the project and over time, I realized that the feeling remained, inflexible over time, so I am continuing to gather enough images to see a little bit how it will end. Maybe one day I will gather them into a book.

To view more of his outstanding photographs, and a full list accomplishments, visit his website of delights.

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