The Lexicon of Luxe

Kingdomz X Magazine is offering grad and undergrad students, and novice writers a unique opportunity for internship with our magazine. Our internships are more than just a way to hone your craft, and build your resume, it’s a way for you to develop your own brand, should you wish. Unlike most platforms, we assure that bylines are included when stories are pushed out to social media. What’s more, we are syndicated exclusively by Apple News. While this is certainly good for us, it is mutually beneficial to our writers who desire their stories to reach a broad audience.

Submission guidelines are as follows:

1. While we would prefer original content, submissions that have been published elsewhere may be accepted. Should you submit anything that has been previously published, be sure to include a link to the original publication.

2. You must provide a clear photograph of yourself, a short biography, and link to blog or website (if applicable).

3. Subjects to be considered for publication are as follows: art, photography, music, fashion, haute couture, interior design, theater (stage or screen), modeling, and luxury, We’re an avant garde publication, and as such, are looking beyond the banal, trite, and traditional. Please keep that in mind, when you submit to us.

4. You must have permission to use any images that accompany your content. Public Domain images are acceptable. We’ll do our best to secure permission, if you are having issues with this request. You are not required to provide images for your articles, the choice is yours.

5. Nudity, and erotic images are permitted, pornography is not.

6. Any plagiarized content (and we will check) will be summarily rejected, and we will not consider you in future.

7. It is advised that you have a dedicated email address for Kingdomz X Magazine, if you wish to become a regular contributor. We will provide you with your own Kingdomz X email address/mailbox, e.g. “”. This will give you access to all of our G-Suite tools.

For the moment, Kingdomz X Magazine is a nonprofit entity, our affiliate proceeds help with hosting, site maintenance, and other resources. However, that will not always be the case. On that day when we are able to compensate contributors, we will select only the best to be a part of our team. You can ensure you are one of those individuals, by consistently submitting quality work.

Interested persons may submit samples of their work to  

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