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Britney Wears

Britney Wears

Britney Rae is not a model, or at least, that’s what she claims. I would have to agree, she’s more artist than model, or maybe equally so. Behind that gorgeous countenance, however, is a woman who is brilliant, outspoken, loving, and compassionate. In addition to being a model and photographer (for both herself, and others), Britney is an accomplished digital artist, who uses a variety of techniques to bring her visions to life. She has appeared in more than thirty-five publications, and published her own calendar. But there’s more.

Submitted for your approval, girls and boys, the incomparable Miss Britney Rae.

I’ve seen photos of you, from as far back as your teens. When did you decide you wanted to be a model?

I didn't aspire to model. I still don't consider myself a professional model. When I was, maybe 14 years old, I just started taking photos with my friends for fun and we enjoyed it; other people seemed to like them too. A lot of people today still don't know I take most of my photos myself. I'm proud of my work and worked pretty damn hard to get where I'm at today, despite there being so much more ahead to accomplish. I may not identify as a model, but I have a lot of respect for those that do. They do not always receive the credit they rightfully deserve, but I digress.

How did the desire to work the other side of the lens, come about? Was it out of necessity, or something else?

I have been inspirited by the arts from an early age, so I have been drawing and painting for almost 20 years. My passion later delved me into photography amidst adolescence as I still had a lot of unrealized ideas and this medium allowed me to transcend these visions further. I thoroughly enjoy making others feel and look their best. It's the most rewarding aspect.

I identify as an artist and self-portraitist foremost. I'm not a professional model (though I do occasionally model for photographer friends), but I am finishing my degree in photography. Photographer or model, there will always be an audience for your brand; your trademark or aesthetic.

You’ve mentioned before, that you don’t quite fit in with any magazine’s particular editorial style.

This is by own observation only. The alternative industry isn't much easier as they too have their own concocted image or requirements. I don't have tattoos, piercings, or classify as goth (perhaps Gothic) and only seldom do cheesecake pinup images. This is predominantly what a lot of magazines look for (to my knowledge). I've never been terribly fond of labels anyway; I tend to mesh various styles, art, and genres together. It initially discouraged me, but I've since realized that it just means I have something different to offer.

One thing I can’t help but notice about you, is that you’re very compassionate. You’re aware of what’s going on in the world around you, and you don’t hesitate to speak on certain issues. Some would say you should just look pretty for the camera, and keep your insights and opinions to yourself. You don’t.

You're incredibly kind... kindness never fails to be undervalued in society. I think it's important to retain your sense of self and be passionate about things. In a world inhabited by those hardened, jaded and cold by life, be resilient. Be kinder than you were the day before... This is nothing short of commendable, and requires true strength. Contrary to cognitive bias, being aesthetically pleasing to the eye does not indisputably make the person pompous or blatantly stupid. Granted, there are much better traits someone can aspire to than attractiveness, don't let insipidity or vapidity be one of them.

Follow Britney at her Facebook page, and purchase high quality prints at her RedBubble site.


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