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Majken and the Dreaming Fjord

Majken and the Dreaming Fjord

There’s much that can be said about Majken and her music, ordinary is not one of them. The Nordic fjord of her native Denmark, the grand boulevards of France, and her sojourns in Los Angeles infuse and define her songs. Listening to her music is akin to a waking dream, an eternal twilight blanketing every sphere, every star. She’ll touch your soul in places you didn’t know existed.

How much of your native Denmark has influenced your music, and how much of it, your adopted home in Los Angeles?

A lot, because it’s part of who I am! I grew up by the Nordic fjord and I’m obsessed with nature and the little moments it brings. Mostly in my writing. As far as the sound, California has been a huge influence. Life in LA, other musicians, falling in love and just the west coast feel of being free. But everything influences me, from the birds singing outside my window in the morning to weird people at the laundry mat.

Majken - "Dreaming of Franco" (Official Video)

You were a percussionist in Tropical Nirvana, where were you in your progression to where you are now? Were you planning to be your own artist then, simply biding your time, until an opportunity presented itself?

Tropical Nirvana (Antoine Debarge) is a really good friend of mine and we were roommates at the time, and he brought me on and it was so fun! I learned a lot. Before then I was mostly just secretly writing and playing, but he gave me courage to go for it. He heard some of my stuff and encouraged me to do my own music! Then I met Maxime Sokolinski and we started composing tracks together and it went from there. Never biding time. All part of the journey.

What musical instruments do you play, other than xylophone?

Guitar. A little drums. I have a background as trained dancer, so all rhythmic instruments come really natural to me. Someone gave me the nickname "tambourine dream” when I was playing with Magic Wands. But vocals and telling stories is my favorite!

How did “Where it All Begins” end up in an ad for ADER clothing?

It was meant to happen!

Your debut full album Dancing Mountains, will be released soon. How different will it be, as compared to Deronda Hotel?

Yes, I will have a release date very soon! Looking more like October or November. It’s on the same journey - the next part of the story from Deronda Hotel - so it has the same feel. A couple of the tracks from DH are on it too! 13 tracks total though. It’s all happening!

For more of her music, visit her site, her SoundCloud, or Follow Majken at her Facebook page

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