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Luxury Garages: The Classy Alternative to the Traditional Man Cave

Luxury Garages: The Classy Alternative to the Traditional Man Cave

Man caves have become immensely popular for American men in the last couple of decades. They've become the iconic place where guys get together to watch football and drink beer on comfortable recliner sofas. Alternately, they can be where the man of the house goes when he needs some alone time or wants to spend some time on his hobbies, like building stuff or fixing cars. If that's the case for you, then it only makes sense to repurpose your garage as your own personal man cave.

Famous Celebrities with Beautiful Garages

Jay Leno is not only famous for being a late night talk show host; he is also famous for having an absolutely stunning garage full of classic cars. But Leno isn't the only famous celebrity with a garage full of cars. Stars like Jerry Seinfeld, John Travolta, and Simon Cowell also have some pretty impressive garages.

Tim Allen

If you remember Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, then you probably remember Tim Allen, who also played Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies. Tim Allen has a love of classic, American-made cars like the Shelby Cobra, and he has a great garage where he houses them. Not only does he have an amazing collection, but his floors are stained concrete which showcases the vehicles in a classy way.

Floyd Mayweather

If you like to watch boxing, then you probably know all about Floyd Mayweather. He has a pretty extensive collection of vehicles, as well as a precise system for how he stores his cars in his garages. Part of Mayweather's car collection is housed in a comparatively more modest-sized garage than Allen's, but don't think it's less high-end. To showcase his cars, Mayweather has a stained floor with sleek designs.

Although most of us regular Joes can't afford to have a 17,000 square foot garage for our jaw-dropping car collection, there are some smart strategies you can use to make your own garage feel just as luxurious.

How to Make Your Own Garage More Luxurious

One of the projects that will make the biggest impact on your garage is a new floor. Concrete floors are durable, but they eventually crack and develop pits, and they're far from what anyone would consider “luxurious.” Snap-together tiles, rollout sheets, and epoxy not only can cover any cracks or even pits that have developed on your garage floor, they also dress a garage floor up in proper masculine fashion. Once you’re done with that, a new coat of paint on the walls — or just finishing said walls — won’t hurt, either.

Have you ever seen a messy luxury garage? Of course not. A luxurious garage is a clean garage, and one of the first steps toward a clean garage is getting organized. This means getting down and dirty in all those spiderweb-clogged crannies and dirt-caked boxes that haven’t been opened in ten years. Sort through the things you have stored there, and if you can live without it, throw it out. As for everything else — tools, seasonal tires, your wife’s holiday decor, etc. — put it on a ceiling storage rack. Put some of those rusty tools to work to build some shelves. Store said tools in a tool bench.

You might not be Jay Leno, but you can still turn your home garage into a classy masculine retreat. Even a few simple alterations like new flooring, finished walls, and smart organization can make your garage a more enjoyable place to hang out, whether with the guys or just by yourself.

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