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The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled

This is the part where I say something witty about the subject, a segue into the article. However, I don’t know what to say, truth be told. Luis Quiles is a man of few words, and his artwork speaks in ways the human tongue can not. In retrospect, it was probably not a good idea to interview him in the first place. Just look at his artwork! Luis Quiles isn’t the story, his art is the story.

It may be better if you didn’t read the interview at all. Listen to what his art is telling you, then share the story with your family and friends. Tell everyone what you heard!

Have you been an artist all of your life (since childhood) or is it something that developed within you later in life?

Yes, since my childhood. In my first memories I was making drawings. I always knew I want to be an artist.

When you began, did you have an idea what kind of artist you wanted to be, what style you would gravitate towards?

In my case I didn't choose my style, it became me. I just drew what I wanted, and what made me enjoy my job.

Much of your work revolves around excoriating social media. When did you begin doing that, and why?

When my works became famous and went viral on the internet, I wanted to speak with my drawings about how I felt about it, about living within the social media.

From your politically influenced art, it seems you keep track of what is happening all over the world. How much time do you spend watching and reading the news?

I don't read or watch too much news. I speak about political issues in my work, and it’s the same topics repeatedly. Sometimes the news stories are fresh, and sometimes not; because we are reliving the same problems from the past.

You wear a mask when you draw, is there some meaning behind it?

No, I wear a mask but just for levity, I have no problem showing my face. I try not to take myself too seriously.

In America, there is so much fear of the naked human body, but it is different in Europe.

Yes, I think so. However, I think actually is worst than in the 70s, the 80's, 90's. I see more censorship actually in Europe regarding nudity than years ago. Not only nudity, but other things as well.

You will be releasing “The AntiSocial Network” next year, and have published “Revolutionary Road”. What is the difference between the two books, what are their themes?

The topics are similar in both books, but the style of working in the ideas and the drawings are different. In Revolutionary it was like a collection of many drawings, but in The Antisocial Network all the drawings in the book are a single whole.

You can preorder The Antisocial Networks, and follow Luis at Instagram and Facebook

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