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The Pearl of Cape Town

The Pearl of Cape Town

From the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, there has never been a period in human history that entertainment has been as eminent as this present computer or digital age.  So, in today's exciting age of discovery, computers have made the world a global village.  As such, the vibes of entertainment in any part of the world can get to anywhere on the planet within the shortest time possible.

Therefore, it is no surprise to feel a tickle of excitement when outstanding artists who strive to stand out like a pearl amidst pebbles are discovered. These prized pearls can be found in many parts of the world; but, their rarity is ever so valued.   

Travel digitally with me to South Africa to discover the Pearl of Cape Town, Lucy Kruger.   

A Glimpse at the Mother City Act, Lucy Kruger

Lucy Kruger’s unique indie/alternative rock style of music is both hypnotic and alluring; and, has been compared to the styles of Alanis Morrissette and Sinead O’Connor.  This twenty-five-year-old female vocalist, who resembles a combined physical cloning of both the performers Lorde and Lana Del Rey, was raised in Johannesburg in the northeastern region of South Africa.  She attended Rhodes University in Grahamstown for her tertiary education and obtained Honors and her degree in music and drama before settling in Cape Town.

There is nothing as effective as making your vision your passion, and making the passion your mission in life.  This singer and songwriter is one of the few who discovered their talents early in life, and pursued a career in the direction of that passion. Consequently, she revealed her potential as early as the age of five when she performed at a Roxette concert, and ever since has been able to prove that she is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry of South Africa. She has a passion for music, and has been able to write and perform her own material for the past six years; releasing her first album in September 2012, titled “Cut Those Strings”.  Her well-respected local act is poised to take the South African country’s music industry to greater heights.  Since her earliest album, she hasn't rested upon her laurels; and, in 2017 released her second album, “Summer’s Not That Simple”, with her band Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys.

For her noted achievements, she came third in a 2012 Barleycorn songwriting contest, and since then has been featured in various music and art festivals across the country, including opening for international act Linton Kwezi Johnson (LKJ), as well as respected local acts like Josie Field, Wendy Oldfield, Cutting Jade and Shawn Phillips.

What is so spectacular about her amongst millions of upcoming artists around the globe?

Talented, Hardworking, Humble

Talent, fame and humility are a very rare combination in an up and coming artist; yet, all can be found in resolute and hardworking Lucy Kruger. She is one of the minority that possesses such a rare combination. Little wonder her reputation can be recognized anywhere across the globe despite being a new artist, amidst acclaimed and established entertainers, musicians, DJs, and producers in the industry.  This is all thanks to the digital world where she can easily communicate to her listeners worldwide.

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