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Who Shot Ya?

Who Shot Ya?

Photographer Kevin “KFos” Foster

When I first realized I had an appreciation for photography, what struck me was that I could determine a particular photographer’s style, the way I could a painter’s. I also learned that while there are many good photographers, the ones I considered phenomenal are in the minority. Kevin “KFos” Foster is one of the latter.

Born in Germany, raised in Atlanta, Georgia, KFos is one of those photographers I like to label “magicians”. For photographers like him, it’s not enough to get a great shot. He effortlessly imbues his photos with a raw sensuality that few are capable of accomplishing, but unlike most photographers who take shots of the nude form, KFos’ imagery is so much more than mere eye candy. It is poetry in flesh.

Jessica Reams (@blaccqueenpin)


Nardia Hollins (@nardiatheemodel)


Jina Payton (@jchardae)


Carla Thomas (@blackhourglass50)


D’Wayna Irvin (@therealsupad).


KFos is available for hire, and you can send your requests to him at his website. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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