Hidden Gems: Can't-Miss Attractions for a Rock 'n' Roll Super Fan
Photograph by  Nicolagypsicola

Photograph by Nicolagypsicola

If you are a true rock ‘n' roll fan, then you have probably already visited many famous sights like Elvis’ home, The Cumberland Hotel, and Abbey Road. There are many other hidden gems around the world that you need to add to your rock ‘n' roll tour list. A handful of these include 23 Brook Street, The Buddy Holly Center, and the birthplace of Woodstock.

23 Brook Street in London

23 Brook Street was once home to rock legend Jimi Hendrix. This historic location in London’s Mayfair neighborhood is now a museum and is the only recognized Hendrix residence in the world. The flat contains Hendrix's restored bedroom along with many displays about his life in London, his tours, and his music. The flat also houses a small-concert venue along with many pictures of the musician that have rarely been seen by the public.

The Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock is the well-known birthplace of musical legend Buddy Holly. There is little doubt that Buddy Holly is Lubbock’s most loved son, and The Buddy Holly Center pays tribute to that fact with a fascinating display of memorabilia. Don McLean's iconic tribute "American Pie" was written to honor this musician the day that he heard that Holly and other musicians had died in a horrendous plane crash. The Buddy Holly Center regularly hosts concerts and events connected to Texas Tech University.  You can also see many visual art displays connected to Buddy Holly’s life at the center; the Buddy Holly statue created by sculptor Grant Speed can be found on the West Texas Walk of Fame as well.

Woodstock Near Bethel, New York

The original Woodstock was held from August 15 until August 18, 1969, and it is one of the most talked-about places in music history. Today, visitors to this dairy-farm-turned-concert-venue find a grassy field where concerts are still occasionally held at the amphitheater, which can seat 16,000 people. There is also a museum filled with displays dedicated to the 1960s. The 800-acre complex also houses educational activities for both children and adults.

The rock ‘n' roll era may be gone, but when you visit these three hidden gems, then you will discover that it is still alive in the hearts of true rock music lovers because the music will never die. Start making your travel plans today to visit these iconic rock ‘n' roll sites.

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