Emily Ratajkowski Does Easter

Holidays are important to kids, but not quite in the same way they’re important for adults. Easter was probably my least favorite holiday, when I was growing up (especially so, since I was raised Catholic). Sure, getting off from school was cool, but unlike Thanksgiving, we didn’t have big dinners; and unlike Christmas, there were no presents. Halloween isn’t even a real holiday, but at least I could look forward to stuffing my face full of candy (provided my parents weren’t around to monitor my sugary shenanigans). Easter chocolates were fine, and jellybeans were okay, but I’ll take candy corn over those disgusting Peeps any day.

Now I know the holiday has long since passed, but are you really going to quibble about me sharing weeks old video of model/actor/muse Emily Ratajkowski, playfully “handling” the Easter Bunny? I didn’t think so. Besides, the images and video seen here are a behind-the-scenes look from a shoot Ms. Ratajkowski did with Love magazine which, in case I never told you, is the magazine we aspire to be when we grow up.

Check out Emily’s website, and follow her at Instagram and Facebook.

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