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Only Eating Apples

Only Eating Apples

She has the most interesting (and envious, at least to me) Instagram handle, a job that requires her to travel the world, and she gets to hang around some of the most magnificent artists and artwork on an almost daily basis. The delightful Anna Serova is a brilliant, and talented art consultant for Miami’s Avant Gallery. Fashion and art being (not so) distant cousins, it’s no surprise that Anna is a model as well. Her wardrobe is as unique as many of the paintings that adorn her workplace.

There’s a project on the horizon Anna is working on, but I was unable to trick her into spilling the details. We will just have to wait until it happens, though I’m sure that when she’s ready, it will be a momentous occasion.

Being an art consultant for an art gallery or museum sounds like a lot of work, as much as it is an esteemed position, what do your duties for Avant Gallery entail?

No complaints (smiles).  I am grateful to do what I love, I believe that this is the only way to express your best self.

Avant Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, with a very cool vibe. Its' art selection is whimsical and dazzling.

I primarily work with customers (consulting and helping them choose their precious toys for their homes or offices). I also help my director in up-keeping the gallery, setting up the walls and organizing inventory. On a daily basis, I am answering an enormous amount of enquiries and respond to our artists.

Building relationships with recurring clients through salesmanship and designer qualities is important . You have to have an eye for art and fashion, and always keep up with the market. Socializing is the key, and every day learning what's out there in terms of competitors and potential collaborators.

Is this your first job as consultant, and what were you doing prior?

I worked part time for Bart Gallery that's based in Cologne, Germany. I worked art fairs in New York during NY Art week (Freeze). I had two years experience working Art Basel Miami, with that gallery at Scope Art Fair.

Apart from that I'm always working as a model. I simply like to keep things different and entertaining for myself. Especially since i'm growing my Instagram Name @Eatingonlyapples8 and developing this name as my own upcoming project. This is something that I can't disclose right now, but stay tuned, it's coming up soon.

Anna Serova (l), Skyler Grey (r) at Avant Gallery

Who are some of the amazing artists you’ve encountered in your work?

Ahhh! I’ve come across so many amazing artists, they're all special creatures, and truly inspiring talents. I would like to distinguish some of them specifically.

Guy Le Baube is one of them, and one of the first artists that I personally met. We still have a friendly relationship. Guy is a photographer, and his works are mostly black and white nudes. He's what I would call unique and astonishing. His flamboyant personality speaks for itself in his work. It’s very rare now to find that feeling of vintage, wisdom and mind combined with modern factors among the majority of talents out there.

Another sensation that we represent in the gallery is Skyler Grey who is only 17 years old, and a true prodigy. This artist is already in our museum. I'm thrilled to be able to see how he evolves. Who knows? He might be the next Andy Warhol.

I personally like anything that breaks new ground and takes a while for people to catch up to. There is a young talent that I chanced upon, who portrays these qualities immensely with his artistic vision by the name of Parsino. He's very abstract and has a story attached to each piece that he creates, which makes you feel fulfilled with the energy and appreciation of his imagination.  

Do you possess any artistic talents?

I'm an artist myself. I create collages out of my life stages, which I display on my IG profile, similar to a public diary with pictures and stories. I enjoy the responses from the content I share, because it comes from my heart. It's not only pretty photographs of myself wearing stylish rags, it's a reflection of my soul, my feelings.

I also style my friends amongst random people, if I feel that they're seeking help for that. Working as a stylist is appealing, but I certainly know that there are numerous amounts of opportunities in the art industry that don’t have any boundaries, where I don't need to limit myself.

I know that you travel between New York and Miami, but does your work with Avant Gallery take you elsewhere?

I live between New York and Miami, but work with Avant Gallery mostly in Miami. With the head of director, I participate in art exhibitions around the world. We recently had an event during Art Basel in Switzerland.

You mention doing some modeling, and your IG project, are they one and the same, or two separate projects?

My modeling career and my IG project are two separate directions.

In your modeling and everyday life, which “stylish rags” do you favor?

My absolute favorite is Alexander Wang. I prefer conceptual clothing designers; Rick Owens, Maison Martin Margiela , Helmut Lang among others. In my everyday life, I prefer Converse and Levi's jeans with oversized men’s t-shirt from Henrik Vibskov, or James Perse.

I combine fabrics and styles in each outfit, and I prefer matching  clothes that don’t match at first sight. For example, I will wear a baggy shirt or sweatshirt over a classy dress or a skirt. I finish that look with Wang boots, or Margiela sneakers.

Follow Anna's Instagram, check out her business partner at ClickDaily, and follow this link to visit Avant Gallery.

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