Dorian Concept
Artwork by Joseph Durnan

Artwork by Joseph Durnan

Toothbrush/Booth Thrust

Electronic music has always been “weird”, I think. It’s been around for the better part of a century, and though it has long since evolved into danceable rhythms, there’s still plenty of that pleasurable weirdness to be found in the genre. Take Dorian Concept’s new track, “Toothbrush/Booth Thrust” (try saying that last part five times fast). It starts off (naturally) with the sound of someone brushing their teeth. Whether or not he recorded himself or someone else brushing their teeth (it sounds real, I don’t know), the fact remains that it’s a peculiar way to start a song. But it’s a peculiar song, so…

During my teenage years, I was more intrigued than enamored of electronic music, my mind blown by the sounds of Yellow Magic Orchestra, and Kraftwerk. During the eighties, I was a huge fan of the Soul Sonic Force, and their brand of electronic hip hop. But my stepson was the one responsible for my giving a listen to the current crop of electronic musicians in recent years, and Dorian Concept is one of them. His sounds are (and I do not exaggerate) hypnotic. I no longer smoke pot, and only drink on occasion these days, but I am seriously considering smoking something while listening to everything in his catalog (for scientific purposes, of course). Despite its title, Toothbrush feels like a cotton swab to the ears. It’s throbbing beats caressing the inner lobes of both ear and brain. It does! Yes, it sounds great on my speakers, but you have to have a listen through your headphones. I guarantee you’ll not disagree.

Press shot by Elisabeth Stoeckl

Press shot by Elisabeth Stoeckl

Toothbrush is available from Ninja Tune now, but you’ll have to wait until 2 August for the other half. You may also pre-order the limited edition orange 12” vinyl record at BandCamp.

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