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Binary Bop

Binary Bop

This is possibly the most bizarre interview I’ve ever done. You see, our subjects both share the same body, if not the same mind. Perplexed? You don’t even know the half (no pun intended)! What’s not so bizarre, and is quite pleasant, actually, is their music. Allie & Ivy produce rump shaking, fever inducing, dance floor demolishing ditties. With only three tracks under their belts, they’ve set a wildfire to Australia’s clubs, with their sizzling electro pop. International recognition and fame aren’t too far behind, for this talented twosome.

How long have the two of you been a duo?

We’ve been together since about 2013. Allie was doing it solo before then, but always thought it’d be way more fun having someone to share these experiences with, so she conjured up her alter-ego, Ivy to join her on her musical journey. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

Do one of you compose the music, and the other the lyrics?

Yeah, it’s always a team effort and we take turns writing the lyrics, depending on what kind of overall vibe we want the song to have. Ivy’s the more fiery, aggressive one, whereas Allie tends to write the love songs and comes from a more gentle, empathic perspective. Ivy’s a smart-ass who lives to have fun and doesn’t let anyone get in the way of that.

How do you manage vocal tasks between you?

Whoever writes the lyrics is the one to sing them, with the other one of us doing the backing vocals and counterpart melodies.

Allie (l), Ivy (r)

You’ve released three tracks so far, do either of you have a favorite song?

Allie’s is Best Friends because she’s all about love and relationships, but Ivy’s favourite is Get Hi because she’s a party animal – she can get pretty wild! We both love Money because we can relate to that equally, being a song that’s ultimately about being broke. It’s got so much going on vocally it keeps both of us pretty busy! It’s a fun one to sing.

Despite your limited discography, you’ve won some awards. How did you pull that off?

(laughs) Ivy probably slept her way to the top!!! (wink) Kidding! We were so stoked when we found out Best Friends had received an Honourable Mention in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition. It’s been a goal to get some success in that particular comp, so it’s a really rewarding feeling to have achieved that. We pretty much put it down to pure luck though, although the song itself probably had a little bit to do with it too. We’ve entered Money into the 2017 ISC, so fingers crossed we keep up the good results!

The word on the street there’s either a full album or EP in your immediate future. Just rumours, or is there some truth to that?

There is definitely truth to that, the rumours are true! These songs will be released on our forthcoming EP. We’ve got a few more new songs we’ll be releasing in the lead up to that which will also feature on the EP, so stay tuned for more from us soon!

Grab all of Allie & Ivy's latest tracks at iTunes or Spotify. For updates, follow at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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