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Bella Loaded

Bella Loaded

Sometimes you don't want to talk, but you want someone to listen. This interview wasn't meant to be read, it was written to be heard. This is Bella Mer.

The subject matter of Loaded Gun has me curious as to your POV of human existence.

I find the human experience to be incredibly beautiful, and full of meaning, especially in the face of great pain. Through darkness, we can truly appreciate and value the light.

When, where and how did you start out? Did you start out in the basement, a school performance, or singing in the shower?

I started inside of a star.

How did you come to work with the enigmatic BRÅVES on this release? How did you find each other?

My collaboration with BRÅVES was most certainly pre-ordained. We came together through two completely separate paths. They were instrumental in the creation of my EP.

Was it your idea to cover the sparkling heartbreak song  “A Toast”?

It was my idea, yes. I love the song -- it’s my favorite BRÅVES track. I feel the song gives homage to love in a very unique way. Sometimes a love affair can rip us apart, but in the end, being torn open is the most incredible gift. I humbly toast all of the lovers of my past and all of the destruction they created within me --it made room for new life and new love to come in.

What occurred to me upon first listen of Loaded Gun (and having witnessed the titular video), is that you and your brothers in BRÅVES appear to be cut from the same peculiar cloth.

Yes, I believe we all have a mutual love for the mystery and magic (both dark and light) all around us, and within.

Had you ever considered other styles of music, or was pop (or future pop in your case) always the route you wanted to take?

I open my heart, and this music comes out.

Is it too soon to ask if you plan to take your songs to the stage, or have you already?

I am currently playing small, secret shows, and will continue to follow the music where it takes me. Perhaps larger stages soon.

Can we expect more from you in the near future?

Yes, you can.

Follow Bella Mer at Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter, and check out some cool tracks at SoundCloud.

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