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4 Trip Worthy Locations in Florida That You Might Not Have Heard About

4 Trip Worthy Locations in Florida That You Might Not Have Heard About

The winter season is rapidly approaching, which means it is the perfect time to escape the cold weather by taking a vacation. While there are several warm weather climates in the country, none of them are able to provide a better trip experience than Florida. The entire state is filled with unique destinations that are perfect for someone interested in enjoying the finer things in life. Avoid the crowds and get the most out of your trip by visiting one of these four lesser-known locations in Florida.

Photo by Ed Derrico

St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a small city located on the northeast coast of Florida that was originally founded by the Spanish in late 16th century, so it is filled with a rich culture that you can't find anywhere else in the country. You can enjoy this culture by visiting the Ximenez-Fatio House, Nombre di Dios and Casillio de San Marcos. Once you have toured the historic sites, it is time to relax and enjoy a delicious drink at the St. Augustine Distillery.


Destin's food scene is growing and attracting more attention every day. So, it is the perfect destination for every foodie. The city is located directly on the water, so fresh-caught seafood is the ideal meal in Destin. A few of the top spots to eat in the area include the French-inspired Bijoux and the refined American restaurant Cuvee Kitchen + Wine Bar.


Naples is relatively small town located in southern Florida, but it is still the perfect spot in the state to enjoy a live show. The Sugden Theatre holds more than 200 performances of hits plays and musicals every year. The Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida and the Baker Museum are a few of the other must-see attractions in Naples.


If you are looking to escape and relax on a picturesque beach, then there is no destination better than the quaint town of Seaside, Florida. Early November is the ideal time to visit the city because of the annual Seeing Red Wine Festival. In addition to sampling over 100 amazing wines, you will also get the chance to eat dishes from some of the best chefs in the world at the festival.

It is impossible to enjoy a trip when you are constantly dealing with large groups of people everywhere. That is what makes these four lesser-known locations so special. You will get the cultural and dining experiences of a large city without ever seeing a big crowd.

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