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3 Cities Every Creative Soul Should Visit for Inspiration

3 Cities Every Creative Soul Should Visit for Inspiration

Your surroundings can greatly influence your creative spirit. By placing yourself in cities that encourage visionary development, you can stoke the fires of your artistic strengths. Here are three cities that every creative soul should visit when they're looking to get inspired.

New York, New York

Photograph by Luca Bravo

Few cities in the world can turn the struggle of the starving artist into an overnight success quite like New York City. Boasting more than 500 art galleries and 2,000 distinct arts organizations, the Big Apple is a haven for artists who are looking to get their work in front of a large audience. According to Artsy, “despite the city becoming harder and harder to live in for those who don’t have a lot of money or influence, it’s still a giant hub of art and culture.” The mutual love affair between New York City and its artists is a complementary relationship. Whether your calling is photography, painting or music, there is inspiration to be found around every corner of the city that never sleeps. Lose yourself in its magic!

Omaha, Nebraska

Photograph by Chris Bair

According to All Storage Online, “Omaha, a city with a population of 450,000 and a history of jazz, is a great spot for musicians. Today, it's also known for its indie music scene with acoustic leanings.” This quaint city is big enough to provide plenty of opportunities, yet it's small enough to have that charming, small-town vibe. Defined by a strong sense of community, Omaha is an ideal place for connecting with local artists while you hone your art in a friendly and inviting environment. This Middle America oasis is exploding with ample career opportunities for artists in every trade. Omaha is a great place to put down your roots if you want to find inspiration while living amongst some of the nicest people in the U.S.

Nashville, Tennessee

Photograph by Andre Hunter

As the music capital of the country, Nashville is a dream location for singers, songwriters and other artists who are looking for the inspiration they need to make their dreams come true. According to Next City, “Tennessee remains a powerful historical influence in the world of music. United Record Pressings, the factory that produces one-third of all vinyl records on store shelves is in Nashville. Not only that, but countless music related businesses like those that make instruments, software, and more also reside in Nashville.” The rapidly expanding cityscape of Nashville hasn't caused this Southern gem to lose its down-home goodness. The charming downtown area features a number of dive bars and coffee shops that are ideal venues for struggling artists to try their chops in the business. The natural beauty of Nashville provides the perfect backdrop for any type of artistic endeavor.

Creative souls flock to these three cities for good reasons. The artsy vibe and welcoming atmosphere of each locale make it easy to lose yourself in the moment and reach your true potential as an artist.

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