The Ader Era

Hey kids! Do you like clothes? Sure you do! I think most of us would opt to walk about with our naughty bits exposed, but no one wants to run afoul of those pesky indecency laws. If you gotta wear something, you might as well wear something more than your pride and a smile.

Begrudgingly, you toss your closet, looking for something your parents and square friends will surely disapprove of, but to no avail. Fear not, my eclectic friend, Korean brand Ader Error has just what you need. They've even got this awesome and bizarre (NSFW) editorial video, where they display their latest collection of funky fresh wares. It's laced with a tantalizing track, recorded by Los Angeles based, Danish singer Majken Christensen. Her debut EP Deronda Hotel, is out now, and forthcoming full-length Dancing Mountains, is scheduled for a summer release.